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Brush Well. Grow Well. Play Well.

Welcome to PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry, where Dr. Jadin and our upbeat crew of dental professionals are proud to be building up young smiles! With a focus on minimally invasive preventive and restorative care, we’re dedicated to creating lifelong thriving health for the growing grins of Elm Grove. Instilling a positive attitude towards smile care and “going to the dentist” is our main mission for your kiddo. That’s why we’ve designed our office to spark creativity, curiosity, and joy to help them take ownership of their oral health! 

Preventive Care

Education and prevention are the building blocks of thriving oral health. Through playfully informative checkups, our team will equip your kiddo with a lifetime of vibrant smiles, healthy habits, and fearless visits!

Restorative Care

From conquering cavities to mending dental injuries, our caring crew is here to help! We use minimally invasive methods to preserve those little pearly whites you love with gentle, pain-free care.

Emergency Care

Whether it’s a troublesome toothache or their smile has been impacted in some rough-and-tumble play, we offer same-day and after-hours care to get your child out of pain and back to smiling again.

Meet Dr. Jadin

Dr. David Jadin is a proud father and pediatric dentist who is passionate about family. With his intrinsic love for all things STEAM, he strives to spur young minds to stay endlessly curious and creative! His goal is to encourage little ones forward on their dental journey, helping them harness resilience, confidence, and independence as they grow to become happy, excited participants of their oral health. He’s thrilled to take part in shaping a positive dental experience and making a meaningful impact in your child’s overall wellness here at PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry!

Dr. Jadin

Kid-Friendly Office Amenities

STEAM and blocks Features

Drawing Table for Kids

Books and Learning Resources

Less Tech, More Play

Come Smile With Us!

Ready to introduce your tiny brusher to a life of fun and inspiring dental care? Book your child’s first appointment today to come smile with us! We can’t wait to meet you and your family.

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