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Fueling family togetherness & lifelong oral health.

Our Mission

Every day at PlayWell, we’re inspired by childlike wonder. We believe that awe, imagination, and curiosity can strengthen family bonds and gather momentum for more meaningful daily dental routines. With that vision in mind, it’s our mission to instill a positive attitude towards smile care by way of play! Teaming up with parents, Dr. Jadin and our energetic crew are building a space that empowers kiddos to feel confident in themselves and their oral health for life.

Meet Dr. Jadin

Born and bred in Wisconsin, Dr. David Jadin grew up with an innate passion for math and science. His friends could usually find him number crunching or tutoring other teens in calculus and organic chemistry. During his freshman year of college, he delved into the wonderful world of dentistry. A career path that didn’t originally cross his radar, dentistry seamlessly integrated his hands-on, innovative spirit with his desire to help children lead healthy, happy lives – and the rest is history!

After graduating with his Bachelor of Science degree in biology, he went on to become a Doctor of Dental Surgery and earned his Fellowship at Marquette University. He then completed his pediatric dentistry residency at the University of Minnesota. With a tender hand and a mind that’s always eager to learn more, Dr. Jadin stays up-to-date with the latest minimally invasive methods in dentistry to protect his patients’ natural growing grins.

As the founder and visionary of PlayWell, guiding little ones towards a flourishing relationship with their dentist is the heartbeat behind Dr. Jadin’s practice. He absolutely loves working with families, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than seeing a child take sincere pride in their accomplishments. He’s here to bring laughter, knowledge, and encouragement to Elm Grove’s little brushers!

Outside of pediatric dentistry, Dr. Jadin’s whole world revolves around his family – and he wouldn’t want to have it any other way. He’s married to his lovely and supportive high school sweetheart, and has two brilliant kids who keep him on his toes! Whether he’s knitting something new, making his own LEGO creations, tinkering with watches, or doing a STEAM activity with his kids, you can also catch Dr. Jadin immersing himself in new experiences and projects.

Dr. David Jadin

Meet Our Fantastic Team!

We’re home to a team of lighthearted go-getters who are over the moon about making your little genius smile! Going beyond just oral care, we’re truly invested in the lives of our young patients and their health as a whole. Through education and prevention, we walk into each day with the purpose of piecing together playful appointments and awesome dental habits that last!

What to Expect at Your Child’s Visit

What to Bring to the Appointment

Planning your child’s first appointment at our office? Our cheerful team can’t wait to meet you and your family! To ensure a smooth and relaxing visit from start to finish, we invite you to take along the following items:

New patient forms

Dental insurance card

Medical health history

Comforting toy or blanket

List of any questions

Valid form of ID

How to Prepare Your Child

While we ideally would like to see your child for their first dental visit, that isn't always the case for every kiddo! An infant under the age of 1 won't need much prep, but if your child is a toddler or older and hasn't been to the dentist yet, some exercises and activities can help them have a great experience at our practice.

Each day leading up to your child’s first appointment comes with wonderful opportunities to get them excited about dental care. Whether your mini Picasso has an eye for all things artsy or their little button nose is always in a book, one of the best ways to bolster your kiddo’s enthusiasm is to make oral hygiene fun! Get out the crayons and draw a picture of your teeth (10 on top, 10 on bottom). Teach your child how to brush those adorable pearly whites while you play their favorite two-minute tune. Let them pick out a kid-friendly dental read filled with lots of pictures and lovable characters. By using positive language, staying calm, and getting creative together, your child will have a better understanding of the dentist and look forward to this sweet smile milestone!

Kid-Friendly Office Amenities

We Love to Give Back

Partners with sunbeam kids

With every new patient, PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry donates to and supports Sunbeam Kids! Sunbeam Kids, Inc. is "an all volunteer driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated organizing projects and providing resources to make it easier for kids and families to volunteer together." They are based here in Brookfield but their projects benefit people & organizations here, in the Milwaukee Area, and beyond.

It is our mission at PlayWell to serve families and to encourage family values - to reinforce what you already do at home. We want to show off how cool it is to play together (puzzles, card games, board games, and of course, LEGO!), to read together, and to encourage family time spent together through volunteering!

Volunteering together is a great way to get out and experience something new with your family. Sunbeam Kids make it easy to get out in the world to see new places and do an array of unique and different things, all while providing precious moments with your little one that they'll never forget. The lessons they learn while sharing in the experience of volunteering will not only last a lifetime, but it also leaves a positive impact on the community, giving children something they can be proud of.

Sunbeam kids is a great organization and we're so proud to sponsor them and we hope you check them out, join, and hopefully my kids and I will see you at the next Sunbeam Kids event!

A kid playing with his toys

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