Restorative Care in Elm Grove, WI

Cavities happen. Fillings and restorative care can help!

Why Might My Child Need Restorative Dental Treatment?

Any patient with significant damage and decay is a candidate for restorative care. Your child may need dental restorations to treat a variety of problems, such as damaged or decayed teeth, cavities, infections, or chipped and broken teeth. No matter your child’s needs, our team can bring back their smile and set them on the path to thriving health!

What to Expect at Your Child’s Restorative Dental Appointment

treatment plan

We'll first review your child's treatment plan and today's course of action. Dr. Jadin likes to go over the whole treatment plan with families at the exam appointments when treatment needs are found, but likes to make sure everyone is on the same page with what we're doing together.

tell, show, do

Dr. Jadin always likes to show kids what we're doing, explain how things work, and to try to take the mystery out of what we're doing. If treatment needs are too extensive for a patient who's too young to understand our approach, we'll either discuss sedation options at the initial exam or at the restorative appointment.

We want to make happy teeth but also happy kids and to ensure everyone is comfortable and free from anxiety during any procedure!

Aftercare & Appointments

Generally speaking, the fewer the appointments, the better! But some treatment needs to be broken up among a few visits. The comprehensive plan will all be discussed at the initial exam and reviewed at subsequent appointments throughout treatment.

We'll discuss necessary post-operative instructions to care for the teeth and the restorations, and talk about what your child will feel, such as lingering anesthesia, any soreness we may experience day of, etc.

Restorative Treatment Options for Kids

Composite Dental Fillings

This method uses tooth-colored composite resin material to restore cavitated teeth to good-as-new oral health.

Pediatric dental crowns

Also known as princess crowns, transformers teeth, and power rangers teeth, dental crowns are almost like shoes. They come in certain sizes, and Dr. Jadin must find the one that fits best. These pediatric dental crowns fit over the entire baby tooth, containing, strengthening, and preserving baby teeth that have become badly damaged by cavities.

Space Maintainers

If ever a tooth requires a premature emigration from the mouth, teeth further behind will drift forward and the space from the missing tooth will close up. This is bad because the permanent tooth underneath no longer has sufficient room to erupt in! A space maintainer causes the teeth adjacent to the extracted tooth to be already touching the space maintainer, and therefore cannot get any closer to each other, preserving or "maintaining" the opens space for the right and tooth-ful heir of the location.


A pulpotomy is similar to a root canal but for baby teeth. When your child's tooth pulp/nerve is inflamed and infected due to yet untreated caries, a pulpotomy may be needed to allow the rest of the tooth to heal and allow successful long-lasting restoration of the tooth. A crown is then placed to finalize the procedure and protect the tooth.


Dr. Jadin always wants to save teeth when possible, but sometimes a tooth can be too damaged to save. In these cases, an extraction to remove the decayed tooth may be necessary to resolve pain and infection. Baby teeth rarely need help when the erupting adult tooth fails to make the baby tooth "get loose" or "fall out".

Oral Surgery

The term "oral surgery" refers to any surgery in the mouth or around the mouth, such as wisdom teeth removal, biopsy for suspicious findings, frenectomy feeding-challenged babies, or speech-challenged kids.


We utilize mild Nitrous Oxide sedation and deep sedation with the aid of a board-certified pediatric anesthesiologist MD. We also utilize Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for general anesthesia needs in the operating room when needed.

Our Technique and Approach to Restorative Care

We take your child's oral health very seriously, which is why we make sure to use cutting-edge tools and techniques, such as:

Hall crown technique
No local anesthetic preps with prior use of ortho separators
Interproximal reduction
SMART technique temporization
Silver Diamine Fluoride application until natural tooth exfoliation

With these latest advancements and procedures, we aim to provide restorations that will last for years to come and will put your child in the best possible place for long-term thriving health.

For Your Child’s Comfort

The Solea Pediatric Laser

While it might not be as cool as a lightsaber, we have the Solea laser which, when used for cavity preparation (fillings and crowns), produces within the tooth an analgesic effect. Translation? No need for “the shot”! Older kids fear getting numb. Younger kids struggle being numb. With Solea, no anesthetic also means no hours-long lingering numbness. It’s a huge advancement in dental technology and we are thrilled to offer it at PlayWell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Restore Baby Teeth?

We want kids to be able to eat, speak, and smile with confidence and without pain. The last thing we want for any child is to experience infection, pain, and preventable dental treatment especially extractions - especially if something could have been done sooner to treat and fix the tooth more comfortably.

What Can You Do About My Child’s Dental Anxiety?

One of Dr. Jadin’s favorite songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is, “When we do something new, let’s talk about what we’ll do.” And that’s exactly what we do! We understanding visiting the dentist – whether for the first time or the 10th time – can be scary for kids but Dr. Jadin’s compassionate, caring, and silly (when appropriate) demeanor will make your child feel safe and comfortable. We may be able to complete everything needing to be done in just one visit, or it may require more than one visit, but we always do what is right for your child.

Do You Provide Restorative Care for Children with Special Needs?

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Jadin specializes in the comprehensive care of all kiddos, no matter the level of special needs. Whether it requires some extra time and extra listening by Dr. Jadin, borrowing one of our weighted blankets to feel extra cozy or headphones/sunglasses to block out too much stimulation, or potentially sedation dentistry, we are committed to getting to know your child and their personality, needs, and attitudes and to making all children feel comfortable, safe, and well taken care of.

Is My Child's Restorative Dentistry Covered by My Insurance?

Most dental insurance providers cover treatments for children like pulpotomies, extractions, crowns, and fillings in some capacity. It is important to note that each plan is different and has different coverage, deductibles, and yearly maximums. We recommend that you consult with your insurer to learn more and ensure that your child’s procedures are covered. As always, our team is more than happy to help guide you through this process!

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