Preventive Care and When to Start Seeing the Dentist in Elm Grove, WI

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Why Is Preventive Dental Care So Important for Children?

If you want your child to have thriving oral health throughout their life, it is essential to take care of their pearly whites through preventive dental care. The main role of preventive dental care is to keep your child's teeth free from cavities and correct or avoid other oral health problems early on. By bringing your child to PlayWell from an early age, you can protect their teeth from plaque buildup and gum disease, which can help your child avoid more invasive procedures in the future. Stay healthy, stay happy!

What to Expect at Your Child's Preventive Dental Care Appointment

For Children Aged 6 Months to 1 Year

At this age, your child will probably sit in your lap during the visit. Dr. Jadin will assess development and discuss feeding and oral hygiene habits. Some infants will develop cavities within months of the time that teeth erupt into the mouth and these can be avoided.

Dr. Jadin will provide anticipatory guidance about home oral hygiene, diet, pacifier & finger habits, fluorides, toothpastes, and injury prevention. Embracing prevention and parental involvement in children's home dental care can result in a lifetime of few, if any, dental problems.

Toddlers, School-Age Children, and Teens

At these ages, we work on building trust and confidence to be at the dentist, sit in the big chair, and to have some fun! Happy dental patients will keep seeing the dentist, and it all starts when we’re kids.

Throughout your toddler's childhood, Dr. Jadin will continually re-assess development and counsel parents and kids on diet, frequency, and oral hygiene habits. Different ages come with different challenges within all categories of oral health prevention.

Dr. Jadin wants to give you all of the age and specific situation-appropriate guidance needed to continue protecting against cavities, erosion, malocclusion, injury, etc. and to share wisdom... just ask Dr. Jadin how many fillings he has and what foods he used to sneak to his room as a child (let’s just say he wasn’t born a pediatric dentist)!

Preventive Treatment Options

Cleanings & Exams

During these procedures, Dr. Jadin will remove the plaque that has formed on your child's teeth. He will also closely evaluate the teeth, mouth, head and neck to assess overall oral health and to identify any possible problems of present or future consideration.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Jadin unfortunately is from Earth and not the planet Krypton and thus does not have x-ray vision. Certain parts of your child’s teeth and mouth are not otherwise visible without radiographs, and certain health concerns can not be prevented or detected early on without radiographs. As always, the name of the game is prevention and we always want to catch things on time!

Fluoride Treatments

Dr. Jadin will apply fluoride on your child's teeth to reduce the risk of cavities, which will improve their overall health. Plus, our fluoride comes in yummy flavors like chocolate, marshmallow, and strawberry!

Silver Diamine Fluoride

This topical treatment is used to prevent existing cavities from growing further and putting an otherwise healthy nerve at risk of pain and infection. It helps to buy time and relieve dental hypersensitivity as we pursue definitive treatment.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a tooth-colored coating applied to the grooves of the teeth. With sealants, a protective shield is formed on the surface of the teeth that can help keep tooth decay at bay.

Oral Cancer Screenings

During an exam for oral cancer, Dr. Jadin will look inside your child's mouth for any signs of pathology, such as red or white patches and mouth sores.

What to Expect at Your Child’s first Visit

What to Bring to the Appointment

Planning your child’s first appointment at our office? Our cheerful team can’t wait to meet you and your family! To ensure a smooth and relaxing visit from start to finish, we invite you to take along the following items:

New patient forms

Dental insurance card

Medical health history

Comforting toy or blanket

List of any questions

Valid form of ID

How to Prepare Your Child

While we ideally would like to see your child for their first dental visit, that isn't always the case for every kiddo! An infant under the age of 1 won't need much prep, but if your child is a toddler or older and hasn't been to the dentist yet, some exercises and activities can help them have a great experience at our practice.

Each day leading up to your child’s first appointment comes with wonderful opportunities to get them excited about dental care. Whether your mini Picasso has an eye for all things artsy or their little button nose is always in a book, one of the best ways to bolster your kiddo’s enthusiasm is to make oral hygiene fun! Get out the crayons and draw a picture of your teeth (10 on top, 10 on bottom). Teach your child how to brush those adorable pearly whites while you play their favorite two-minute tune. Let them pick out a kid-friendly dental read filled with lots of pictures and lovable characters. By using positive language, staying calm, and getting creative together, your child will have a better understanding of the dentist and look forward to this sweet smile milestone!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I First Bring My Child to the Dentist?

The first visit to PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry is recommended starting by the age of 12 months. This is to assess development and to counsel parents on feeding and oral hygiene habits. Some infants will develop cavities within months of the time that teeth erupt into the mouth and these can be avoided. We want to see you to talk about home oral hygiene, diet, pacifier and finger habits, fluorides, toothpastes, and injury prevention. Parents who embrace prevention and parental involvement in their children's home dental care can look forward to a lifetime of few, if any, dental problems. 

How Do I Prepare My Child for Their First Dental Visit?

Let them know they’re coming to see the dentist, but that’s about it! You can describe what we do as brushing the teeth, measuring/counting the teeth, and taking pictures of the teeth. We want them excited but not overly informed because we love to do that part! We are specially trained to educate your kiddo (and you!) and we promise to make it a relaxed, fun, and safe environment that they will want to come back to over and over. It’s a lot like getting a first haircut. Some kids may cry, but within a visit or two they realize they’re safe and it becomes super normal and easy — like it should be!

How Often Should My Child Visit for a Checkup?

In general, children should visit PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry every 6 months to ensure their oral health is on track for lifelong success. If your little one has significant oral health issues that require further care, more frequent appointments may be necessary.

What If My Child Is anxious?

Inform the team as to the cause of the child’s feelings so we know what the history is.

One of Dr. Jadin’s favorite songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is, “When we do something new, let’s talk about what we’ll do.” And that’s exactly what we do! We understanding visiting the dentist, whether for the first time or the 10th time, can be scary for kids. But Dr. Jadin’s compassionate, caring, and silly (when appropriate) demeanor will make your child feel safe and comfortable. We may be able to complete everything needing to be done in just one visit, or it may require more than one visit, but we always do what is right for your child.

Coming to the dentist is supposed to be fun and easy and we strive to help kids to experience it as such!

Do You Cater to Children with Special Needs?

Definitely. As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Jadin specializes in the comprehensive care of all kiddos, no matter the level of special needs. Whether it requires some extra time and extra listening by Dr. Jadin, borrowing one of our weighted blankets to feel extra cozy or headphones/sunglasses to block out too much stimulation, or potentially sedation dentistry, we are committed to making all children feel comfortable, safe, and well-taken-care-of.

Is Preventive Care Covered by Insurance?

Preventive care is often covered in full, or at least in part, by most major insurance plans, especially for children, as it is an essential part of their oral and overall health.

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