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PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry Building Up Young Smiles

March 14, 2023

At PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. David Jadin and his team focus on minimally invasive pediatric dentistry and behavior management. They work as hard as they can to fix teeth and, just as importantly, make going to the dentist fun and relaxing. Their goals are to create dental health as well as to build up confidence and joy in going to the dentist for a lifetime.

About Dr. Jadin

Dr. Jadin attended Marquette University for his undergraduate studies and for dental school. After graduation as a general dentist, he did a fellowship at Tri-County Community Dental Clinic, which treated Medicaid and uninsured children for comprehensive dental care. 

It was here where Dr. Jadin cemented the idea of wanting to specialize in pediatric dentistry. He found that working with kids was a joy and it energized him. There was nothing more rewarding than helping a child transition from being afraid of the dentist to enjoying going to the dentist, infusing fun and inspiring courage.

Dr. Jadin worked another two years at a different public health clinic, Oral Health Partnership, exclusively treating children, and found it equally rewarding to educate parents and hear them say, “Oh wow, I’ve never heard it that way before” or “No one ever explained it to me that way.” 

Dr. Jadin then went to residency for two years at the University of Minnesota to get his specialty certification in pediatric dentistry. He went back to Oral Health Partnership for two more years, then as a fully-fledged pediatric dentist. From there, he decided to build and open PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry in Elm Grove on August 31st of 2021.

The PlayWell Philosophy

PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry gets its name from the LEGO® brick. LEGO® made its name as a compound of the Danish "Leg Godt," meaning "Play Well." For us, it's an ethos. Playing is how kids learn. To us, that means playing with and as a family. We want kids to Eat Well, Sleep Well, Brush Well, Grow Well, and to Play Well. 

The goal at PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry is to create oral health, to prevent pain and infection, all the while empowering kids to be strong and independent, and to empower parents with knowledge, tips, and tricks to encourage good behaviors and habits.

Dr. Jadin’s Inspiration

Dr. Jadin’s greatest inspirations are his family and the family values with which he was raised. He has always been motivated by a job well done having been taught the Golden Rule and that, “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” 

“At PlayWell, we do not cut corners, we treat people well, we interact with families honestly, and we want true joy and happiness to be fulfilled in action – because we believe that if you aim not for fortune, but rather to act rightly, you can always stand by your actions proudly, and success will follow.

Why See Dr. Jadin?

There is a difference between taking your child to see a pediatric dentist vs. a general dentist which can be appreciated by his response to what he enjoys most about his work.

Dr. Jadin shared, “I always love when I have a child who’s nervous, but we build some trust and take it slow, talk about what we’re doing, how it’s important to hold still and trust the dentist, show on their

hands what we’re doing, etc. and I complete whatever procedure the child was nervous about (the “shot”, an extraction, etc.), and by such time they’re relaxed and calm and trusting and I let them know that we’re already done, and they look at me shocked and disbelieving.”

With a huge smile on his face, he continued, “My FAVORITE part of that, then, is when I get to put it all back on them. Ask them why they think it went so well and was so easy, and then tell them it’s because of THEM, that THEY did such a great job, they were relaxed, they trusted the dentist, they listened to directions and held still, and they were really brave and that I’m so proud of them. It makes me so, SO happy when I get to have those especially great “building up young smiles” moments – to show them not only that they did the thing they were scared of, but to double down and encourage and empower them that it was BECAUSE of them – that’s my absolutely favorite thing.” 

On a Personal Note

Dr. Jadin and his wife Sarah have two children and bought their first home in Brookfield in May of 2021. They have been together since 2006 but have thereafter never lived anywhere for more than 2 years – UNTIL NOW. They are very happy to be here and putting down roots!

If you want to learn more about PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry, please contact Dr. Jadin and his team at 262-456-5346 located at 12910 W. Bluemound Rd in Elm Grove or visit

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